Kim Weston at Wildcat Hill by Randy Tunnell

Sales, Private Gallery and Workshops

Kim Weston is a third-generation member of one of the most important and influential families in modern photography. His recognition as a singularly creative artist and photographer continues a family legacy that traces its roots back to his grandfather Edward Weston, one of the true visionaries in the history of the photographic medium, as well as his uncle Brett Weston, who achieved international fame as a master of black and white abstract photography.

Kim’s father Cole is also recognized as a pioneer in large-format fine art color photography, and it was while working as a darkroom assistant for his father, who produced numerous gallery prints from Edward Weston’s original negatives, that Kim first learned the craft of photography. Kim further refined and mastered the craft of fine art black and white photography working as an assistant to his uncle Brett.

In a career spanning four decades, Kim Weston has come to be recognized in his own right as one of the most insightful and accomplished practitioners of figurative/nude photography, producing an extensive and masterful portfolio of work that draws deeply, yet expands upon the traditions and canon of the nude in classical and modern European art.

Kim and his wife Gina, reside in Edward Weston’s house in the Carmel Highlands, CA. They welcome guests to stop by to visit his studio and old darkroom, where he printed some of his most famous iconic photographs. They teach photography workshops throughout the year at home and internationally. In their private gallery they show Kim’s photographs and have a small private collection Edward Weston photographs. Come by for a visit and spend the night in their beautiful 1 Bedroom suite Bodie House. This is a private residence, visits are by appointment only.

Please contact Kim at directly for individual photographs he might have for sale at this time, or visit his website:

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