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Cara Weston by Andrew Yeadon

Consulting, Buying and Sales

As an internationally recognized fine art photographer possessing a heritage that provides a unique insight into the artistry of some of the 20th century’s most iconic image makers, Cara Weston will use her experience to work with clients in fully understanding the value of an Edward, Cole or Brett Weston photograph.
Whether you are an individual recently captured by the beauty of a Weston image who now wants to make an educated purchase, or an experienced fine art collector, museum or gallery looking to understand more fully their Weston acquisition, Cara Weston can be your guide in ensuring that you receive the best value for the greatest works.

In addition to consultations, Cara is also available to pair obtainable works with interested collectors from across the globe. Interested Weston collectors can contact Cara at her Big Sur studio for more information on her consignment opportunities as well as Weston photographs for sale from private consignors or from the family.

Please contact Cara at directly for individual photographs she might have for sale at this time or visit her website:

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